Pre-Construction: Title Issues

The good, bad and ugly all get discovered during pre-construction, and sometimes that bad can turn ugly (or at least annoying), especially when the problem is related to the property’s title.

Title Issues During Construction

When you purchase property – be that residential or commercial property – the title company will conduct a title search to ensure the title is clear and there are no outstanding issues or defects.

The problem is many times these traditional title searches only scour public records. At least in Florida, issues like open or expired permits on a property, unpaid utility bills, or other code enforcement violations are often not recorded publicly, so they may not be revealed during a title search.

An open or expired permit or mechanic’s lien can pose problems when new construction gets underway. If a property ends up having an open permit or code violation, the new owner could be faced with extra costs or delays when they try to pull a new permit. They could potentially even face legal liability for the lien.

Title insurance is one way to protect an owner’s rights, but it still can pose problems and will certainly cause headaches as you try to navigate your way through pre-construction.

At Seacoast Construction, we’ve seen it all in our 20+ years of experience in the SoFla market, and that makes us well-prepared to handle whatever comes our way with your next project. To learn more about the ins and outs of construction in Miami, contact us.


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