Owner’s Representation: Restaurants

Your restaurant is a reflection of you. The most incredible food will only take you so far if you can’t offer a service experience to match it.

As you consider the type of restaurant you want to own and operate, you’ll be faced with endless choices in terms of design and layout preferences as well as construction complexities far more challenging than you may have anticipated.

To help you achieve success with your restaurant construction project – whether it’s a renovation or new build – get an expert in your corner. Hire an owner’s representative.

Owner’s Representation in the Restaurant Industry

An owner’s representative is a construction expert, though their role is not to serve as the general contractor on your project. Rather, they work for you, the owner, to oversee the entire project and ensure your wishes are achieved. They bring invaluable construction expertise to help steer your project to the finish line and offer insight to mitigate risk.

For Florida restaurants, there are numerous construction considerations owners must face. Failing to comply with code requirements could set your project back and end up costing you more money. Examples of restaurant construction complexities include:


Having an owner’s rep in your corner from day 1 means your project will be expertly guided through each phase of construction, and the final result will be one that’s completed on time, on budget and in line with your wishes.

To talk to our experienced owner’s representatives at Seacoast Construction, please give us a call at 786-433-8740. We’ve been completing restaurant buildouts in South Florida for more than 20 years and are ready to represent you on yours.


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