Owner’s Representation vs. General Contractor: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to commercial construction projects, the roles of owner’s representative and general contractor are distinct yet connected. Understanding how the two roles work together is important for ensuring the seamless execution of any Miami buildout.

In the past, we’ve discussed key differences between an owner’s rep and a project manager. In this post, we’ll dive into the ways owner’s representatives and general contractors each contribute to the construction process.

Owner’s Representative: Advocates for the Owner’s Interests

 An owner’s rep’s primary role is to advocate for the owner throughout the entire construction project. Their role revolves around safeguarding the owner’s interests, ensuring the project aligns with the owner’s vision and mitigating risks on behalf of the owner.

Their responsibilities include things like overseeing the project’s budget and schedule, assisting with vendor selection and contract negotiation, ensuring quality and compliance, and facilitating communication among stakeholders.

General Contractor: Construction Lead

 General contractors get the job of construction done. They take the architect’s and engineer’s plans and turn them into physical reality. General contractors manage day-to-day construction activities and ensure that the project is built according to the design and specifications.

Their primary responsibilities are related to the tactical management of the build, including overseeing the construction process and managing subcontractors, labor and materials. With the project manager as the lead, the GC team creates detailed project schedules, coordinates activities and ensures that the project progresses according to the timeline. They also oversee the budget, workmanship quality and site safety.

In sum, owner’s representatives act as advocates for the project owner and essentially take over their day-to-day involvement with the build. GCs, on the other hand, execute the construction.

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