Owner’s Representation in Sustainable and Green Building Construction

Building with an eye toward sustainability is becoming increasingly essential, especially in a place like Miami. Climate change is the elephant in the room that we simply cannot ignore in the construction industry. Warming temperatures, increased storm intensity and activity, and rising waters are staring at us right outside our doorsteps.

We must build to accommodate these changes while at the same time remain innovative with our approach to green building.

A local owner’s representative can help you do both and ensure you’re taking advantage of the city’s green building incentives and other sustainable initiatives.

About Miami-Dade’s Sustainable Buildings Program

In 2007, Miami-Dade County created its Sustainable Buildings Program in an effort to standardize and streamline sustainability and design best practices in construction.

To comply with the program, owner’s representatives assist project owners with the two main elements of the program.

  1. Certification: In order for construction projects to qualify for certification, they must achieve a minimum of Silver level of achievement or certification and meet the prerequisites for LEED or Envision.
  2. Prescriptive Path: Regardless of certification, public construction projects must also comply with Section 7 of Implementing Order 8-8 (a.k.a., the Prescriptive Path).

Owner’s representatives local to the tri-county area are most familiar with all policies regarding green building and sustainable construction. When choosing a partner, be sure to ask about their experience with sustainable design and their familiarity with current green building construction incentives.


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