Building in SoFla to Accommodate Rising Waters & Hurricane Aftermaths

The waters in South Florida are rising whether we like it or not (and we don’t). Climate change is the elephant in the room that we simply cannot ignore in the construction industry. Warming temperatures, increased storm intensity and activity, and rising waters are staring at us right outside our doorsteps.


The effects of changing weather patterns are here and they are real, so the question becomes how can we build better, stronger, more resilient structures to protect them from rising waters and hurricane aftermaths?


Building for Today… and Tomorrow


Experience has taught us to never underestimate the power of a hurricane, but many forget just how damaging the storm’s aftermath can be. Yes, you should worry about the storm, but even more important is to worry about the flooding after a storm hits. Here’s why:


  • Loss of power – vertically integrated power is all on polls and exposed.
  • Loss of potable water – without clean drinking water and refrigeration, the clock starts ticking quickly
  • Flooding concerns and contaminated waters


How to Combat Flooding Concerns with Quality Builds


Local builders know there is no such thing as a 500-year flood anymore. They are happening all too often, and we must do what we can to withstand them. The damage caused is expensive, and when insurance suits are involved, the road to recovery can be even longer.


As we look to create builds that can adapt to our changing climate, some areas of focus include:

  • Improving structural materials with flood-hardy components including windows, siding, and doors
  • Implementing back-up power methods – all buildings should be equipped with a standalone gas-powered generator that comes with an automatic transfer switch.
  • An understanding of the type of commercial build and its location – whether in a flood zone or not, we must account for climate and geography when designing and building commercial projects in South Florida.


At Seacoast Construction, we’ve been completing commercial builds in SoFla for more than two decades and have seen our share of change over the years. Building here is a formidable challenge and requires precision and excellence. If you want to take on a project in this rapidly evolving environment, you can count on us to get the job done.

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