How Hiring an Owner’s Representative Can Save You Money on Your MedSpa Buildout

Commercial construction projects – regardless of whether they’re medical, office, retail or somewhere in between – are complex and require project owners to make hundreds of decisions. Unless you do this every day (like us), the process of working through a buildout can quickly become overwhelming. What’s more, trying to engage when you’re not an expert can lead you to make less-than-ideal decisions that end up costing you time and money.

One solution to simplifying the build process for you as an owner is to hire someone else to do the job for you. That’s where an owner’s representative comes in.

As the name suggests, an owner’s rep assumes your role and responsibility, thereby freeing up your time and energy to stay focused on what you do best. In turn, they focus on what they do best – ensuring you have a successful build that’s completed on time and on budget.

Why Hire an Owner’s Rep for your Medical Spa Buildout

An owner’s representative serves as your advocate. They aren’t the general contractor or the project manager. They are here for you. Even better, they’re experts in the construction industry so they can spot from a mile away if something’s not going as it should – and take steps to correct it.

There are numerous reasons to hire an owner’s rep for your MedSpa buildout including:

  • They save you money.
  • They keep your project running on schedule.
  • They facilitate strong communication.
  • They are well-connected with local subcontractors and industry specialists.
  • They ensure a superior quality of workmanship.

Contact Us for Your Owner’s Representation Needs

Before hiring an owner’s rep, be sure to ask these questions and come talk to our experienced owner’s representatives at Seacoast Construction. We’ve been completing buildouts in SoFla for more than 20 years and are ready to represent you on your MedSpa project.

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