How Clear Objectives Keep Construction Projects from Failing: Communication is key

Getting from point A to point B in any situation can be incredibly difficult without a plan. This is especially true in construction where planning is everything.

Lack of direction and unclear goals are the No. 1 reason that projects fail. It’s impossible to predict every unforeseen event that comes up along the way, but having a solid plan from the start will keep things from completely derailing.

Taking the time early on to define and communicate objectives and goals will dramatically increase the chance that a project is completed successfully. Everyone on the team needs to understand the project’s vision so that everyone is on the same page. This is what top general contractors do every day.

Understanding Goals v. Objectives

People use the terms “goals” and “objectives” interchangeably, but they aren’t really the same. A goal is the broad expected outcome of a project. Objectives are the steps that you take to achieve the goal. In construction, you need both to make a build successful.

Asking Questions

At Seacoast Construction, we greatly enjoy meeting new project owners. We like to sit down and talk things out. We explain how we measure success. We also ask our owners a lot of questions to firmly understand their objectives, needs, and expected outcomes. Here are some of the questions we like to ask:

  • Why is this project important to the organization?
  • What problems will it solve?
  • What deliverables do stakeholders expect?
  • Who has a stake in the outcome?

Communicating the Goals

Once we understand the owner’s requirements and expectations for the project, we can create a plan that includes both goals and objectives. We make sure everyone on the team understands them and works every day towards them. Creating a chain of communication lets us continually keep you updated on where a project is heading and if goals need to be re-evaluated. This helps avoid surprises.

Setting a Timetable

Creating a timeline for project deliverables not only keeps the project on track, but it also ensures its success. We make sure every team member knows his or her deadlines, their budget, scope of work, and how their job aligns with the project’s goals.

At Seacoast Construction, we develop friendships with our clients and ensure that the builds we handle meet our clients’ goals and objectives. If you’re planning a build, get in touch via email and we’ll set a time to talk in further depth about your project.

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