Choosing a Location: What to Look For in Your Next Building Site

South Florida is a great place to invest in commercial construction. As with any new project, one of the biggest parts of the planning phase is picking your building site. After all, a building’s physical location can be as important to the building as the building itself.


While we have a few favorite places to build in South Florida, your project’s goals and needs will ultimately dictate where you to choose to build. Here are a few considerations when choosing a location for your next building site:


Scope out the space
The physical space will in some ways dictate the build and how the work gets done, so it’s important to do a commercial site survey with your contractor before finalizing your decision. Understanding the physical characteristics of the location will give your contractor everything they need to get started ordering any necessary permits for the project as well.


Crack the code

Building codes vary by city and county. Work with your local general contractor to understand specific location codes for your job so you are well prepared going into a new project. Your contractor can also advise you of local permitting needs and how long it takes to get them. Permits in South Florida are notoriously complex.


Calculate costs

Land value alone is just one component of a location’s cost. Any additional terrain clearing or bulldozing that needs to be done prior to construction will tack on additional costs. Other site prepping needs, like adding water or sewer lines should be accounted for too. Before selecting a site location, consider the total costs and weigh that against other site options.


As you search for your next building location, keep these factors in mind. With proper planning and a good partnership with your general contractor, you’ll find the right location for you project in no time. Get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction when you’re ready to get started.

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