4 of Our Favorite Places to Build New Commercial Space in SoFla

The commercial construction market in South Florida is much like the climate – it has a bright outlook with plenty of sunshine ahead. Florida’s growing population means there’s a healthy workforce for new businesses and a strong economy for growth.

In our nearly 20 years of building new commercial properties in SoFla, we’ve gotten to know the different areas like the back of our hands and are experts in navigating the unique permitting and project coordination components required by each city and municipality in the Tri-County area.

As we partner with businesses and investors on new builds, below are a few reasons why these four areas are perfect for new commercial space.

Palm Beach County– There is no compromising on luxury in Palm Beach County with commercial space stretching from the southern part of the county in Boca Raton all the way north to Jupiter. As you consider Palm Beach, review our tips for purchasing land for commercial construction before you start the process.

Miami-Dade County– For new commercial space, Miami-Dade County has become a popular location for warehouses and other industrial buildings. This is especially important for international investors as having a local warehouse fulfillment center can simplify and speed up fulfilment orders for U.S. and Latin American markets. In 2016, new industrial space the county topped the equivalent of more than 80 NFL football fields, and it continues to grow.

Fort Lauderdale– The county seat of Broward County, Fort Lauderdale is booming, as noted in Forbes. As a growing luxury market, residential and commercial properties are needing to be built to meet demand. New restaurants and shops are also popping up to support the increased market. One of the reasons Fort Lauderdale is thriving is because of its relative affordability as compared to Miami. The views aren’t bad either.

Greater Broward County (along the Brightline and Tri-Rail lines)– New and expanded rail service along the coastal corridor makes it a convenient location for business or residential developers looking at new construction. With quick and easy access up and down the coast, being near the rail lines makes strategic sense for commercial construction.

Want to talk in more depth about your project and potential locations you have in mind, get in touch today.

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