Changing GCs When Your Project is Already in Construction

Commercial construction projects are highly stressful and frequently very expensive undertakings. There’s no room for error, and you need an experienced professional at the helm.


Sometimes, despite wishing otherwise, you may have to change general contractors once your construction project is already underway. While this is frustrating, time-consuming and expensive, it may be the only way to maintain the viability of your project.


What To Do if You Need to Change GCs During Construction


If you are frustrated with your GC due to shoddy workmanship or failure to abide by their contractual obligations, it’s important to step back and review your agreements before just kicking the GC to the curb in a moment of fury.


Look for the termination clause in your contract. As an owner, you may be able to terminate the contract for convenience or for cause. There also may be specific steps you need to take before you can end the relationship. If you have questions or are concerned about legal ramifications when terminating an existing contractor, be sure to consult an attorney.


Finding a replacement contractor for projects mid-way through completion can also be a challenge. As a project owner, you have very specific requirements in mind and are likely justifiably wary when hiring a replacement.


It can be helpful, however, to line up a new GC prior to terminating your existing relationship. This can help minimize further delays and also allows the new contractor to audit the existing project status. If you need to gather documents from the current GC, it is also easier to do so prior to firing them.


Changing contractors mid-way through a project is never fun and almost always going to add time and money to your schedule, but the alternative is much worse.


At Seacoast Construction, we’ve stepped in mid-project for many commercial builds in Florida, such as this one in Brickell. While these projects present new challenges, they underscore the importance of collaboration and transparency. If you have questions or would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss your build, reach out anytime.



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