Developing a Construction Budget When Still in the Design Phase

The construction team you hire is just that – a team. Each member plays a key role in bringing the build to fruition. And so much of seeing the project through to successful completion relies on important coordination among architects, engineers, and the general contracting team.


This is especially true early in the design phase of the build.


Each member of the build team should focus on their area of expertise while also collaborating to make sure that the design is feasible both in terms of constructability as well as complying with any budget restrictions.


How to Develop a Budget While Still in the Design Phase


Budget is a huge driver in commercial construction projects, but accurately estimating the cost of a new build or renovation is easier said than done, especially as we experience major escalations in the cost of materials.


To move forward with budget planning, it’s essential to have a working design so there is a starting point for the project. This is the architect’s domain. Architects are in the business of designing construction plans.


Estimating build costs, on the other hand? That should be left to the construction team.


Your general contractor knows the ins and outs of labor and material costs better than others on your build team, and they use that insight to make very accurate estimates when it comes to developing your construction budget.


Some GCs may use sophisticated construction management software to build budgets, but it’s also possible to develop budget estimates, costs comparisons and construction schedules in Microsoft Excel.


As you consider the coordination and integration needed for your entire design-build team, it’s important to ask questions about their skills and experiences as well as understand how well they partner with other key players required for your project.


At Seacoast Construction, we have been developing community, residential and commercial spaces throughout South Florida for over 20 years and know what it takes to effectively collaborate with architects, engineers and subcontractors. If you have questions about the local market and what to expect when breaking ground in Florida, get in touch with our team.


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