Being a Part of the Story: What We Love About Building

People often ask me what I enjoy most about working on builds. Truthfully, there’s so much to love. We always welcome any opportunity to establish business relationships and work on exciting projects. While a few things stand out, we always appreciate being a part of the story.

Beginning a Story

When I get a set of drawings and I open them up, it’s an exciting time. I’m excited to see what the owner wants to do, and we start seeing what the building is going to become. We can see the project’s strengths and identify what the challenges will be. We start brainstorming as a team, and chart a course.

Each new set of plans is a new chapter or a new story. We definitely want to stay busy, but it’s also exciting. It’s fun to look at all the details and understand how it’s all going to fit together and work.

Sharing Stories

We keep binders for each project that contain everything associated for that project, which creates a history of what happened. Once a project is complete, it’s undoubtedly a huge accomplishment. It’s also fun to go back through the project and remember each stage. It’s like a story. For each project we’ve been a part of, we always maintain a good rapport with our clients. It’s fun to sit down with them and talk about the project—it’s like re-telling the story.

Making Memories

Along with the sense of accomplishment that comes with construction is the sense that we are creating something tangible and long lasting. I enjoy going around town and seeing the offices and other buildings that we’ve created. People live there, work there, and pass by.

We’ve worked on schools and churches. We feel pride knowing that kids will be hanging out in the cafeteria or couples will be getting married in the spaces we build. They’re making memories in our buildings. These are experiences that we’ve created. I really enjoy that.

So much about construction revolves around a story—whether it’s the beginning, the end, or what it comes to mean to people. At Seacoast Construction, we love being a part of the story. Let us be help with your build. Give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.

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