Why You Should Consider a Second-Generation Space for Your Restaurant Lease

There are so many variables to consider when choosing a restaurant property. While the restaurant’s location will be near the top of the list, you also have to decide whether to invest in a first-generation space – one that has never been used as a restaurant before – or opt for a second-generation space – a location that has previously operated as a restaurant. For more on the differences between the two types of spaces, check out this post.

Second-generation spaces can offer several advantages to restaurant owners depending on their goals. Here are some reasons it may be strategic to lease a second-generation space for your new restaurant in South Florida.

Reasons to Choose a Second-Generation Space

Because a second-generation space has operated as a restaurant in its previous life, much of the necessary commercial kitchen infrastructure is already in place. You may need to bring parts of it up to code and confirm that it will support things like your grease trap and hood size, but other modifications you make will be relatively minor as you work to retrofit the existing space into your new restaurant. Here are some benefits of going the second-gen route.

  • Cost savings – Retrofitting second-generation spaces tend to come with lower upfront costs compared to first-generation spaces since much of the necessary restaurant infrastructure is already in place. The HVAC systems and plumbing will already be there, and this can be a significant cost savings. Moreover, if you can use the existing kitchen equipment, you’ll save even more.

  • Time savings – Similarly, you should experience shorter construction timelines since most of the heavy lifting from an infrastructure standpoint is already taken care of. Often second-generation restaurants can be completed in half the time compared to first-gen spaces.

  • Ready and waiting customers – Another benefit of leasing a second-generation space is you may have an already-built customer base from the previous tenant. If people are used to stopping at this location for a meal, they may be curious to try out your new restaurant as well.

As you consider your restaurant plans, it’s worth evaluating whether a second-generation space may align with your priorities. By doing so, you may be able to save a lot of money and shrink your timeline. For help knowing where to start with your restaurant construction project, contact our team at Seacoast Consulting Group.

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