Why You Need a Constructability Report

There isn’t a project owner out there who doesn’t want their project to be completed on-time and on-budget, but the reality is there are a lot of builders who either don’t have the experience, expertise, or professionalism to ensure those needs are met.


Seemingly simple oversights can escalate into major problems, and before you know it, your weeks behind schedule and falling farther into the red with your budget.


One way to prevent delays, errors, and cost overruns is to request a constructability review of your project prior to getting started with the build.


What is a constructability report?


A constructability report is developed by your general contractor during pre-construction, or it may also be completed independently if you are seeking a second opinion from a reputable builder.


The review identifies any potential obstacles that could get in the way of constructing the project as designed. In doing so, it also improves the overall project by identifying areas to improve efficiencies.


Benefits of a constructability report


No matter the scale, construction projects are complex and can be easily prone to change orders and errors if time is not dedicated to reviewing the construction documents and specifications at the outset. In conducting a constructability review, several benefits surface, including:


  • Minimizing delays caused by construction document errors or omissions
  • Improving the overall quality and design of the project
  • Reducing change order requests by gaining a deeper understanding of the project
  • Improving communication among the project team members
  • Creating project efficiencies by enabling the team to plan ahead for difficult work, pre-assembling components off-site, and other logistical or technological challenges
  • Saving money


At Seacoast Construction, we offer constructability reports as part of our pre-construction process as well as for owners, developers, or architects who may already have an architect or general contractor but are seeking a second opinion in regards to the project.


If you have questions about your next commercial construction project in South Florida, get in touch with us today.




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