Why We’re Excited About Virtual Reality in Construction

1019We know how frustrating and expensive it can be to make changes to a structure once construction has begun – even more so when it’s completed.  And this is precisely why we’re looking forward to the advancements in virtual reality that are happening now. VR isn’t just for gamers anymore. The construction industry is starting to make moves towards adopting virtual reality more widely, as it offers many benefits that were never imagined before. The more available virtual reality becomes, the more we can understand the value that it offers.

Let’s take a look at a few of the benefits of VR in the construction industry:

Impacting Design – Having the “experience” of walking up the steps in a library or arriving at the entrance to an office building could influence the final design of a project. If the library steps seem too steep or the entrance feels claustrophobic, the designs can be altered before construction to accommodate changes in the actual experiences of interacting with the buildings.

Facilitating Collaboration – Face-to-face meetings are less frequent than ever with the abundance of technologies that allow virtual meetings. But these meetings could be further enhanced if the participants could meet in a virtual environment – better yet, on-site in the project that they are working on together. This could make it easier to present information and alter certain project aspects, decreasing miscommunications and increasing productivity.

Making a Space More Useful – Imagine how much more effective a space could be if kindergarten teachers could see their classrooms with VR before it’s built? They could provide input on logistical details such as how high electrical outlets should be placed or how to ensure the facilities are scaled correctly to accommodate children.

Customer Satisfaction – Projects that are viewed in VR can garner better responses from clients. It makes sense that they would be more excited about interactive experiences with their buildings, and companies already using VR note there’s an uptick positive client interactions and client satisfaction.

As VR technology develos and becomes more accessible, there’s sure to be even more reasons to integrate it in the construction industry. Early adopters are already seeing an ROI on their investment in this technology, setting the pace for what may be the next big trend in construction.

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