What to Expect Step-by-Step During Your South Florida Design-Build Project

Successful design-build projects don’t happen overnight. Months of planning followed by an intense build schedule and post-construction can be both exhilarating and exhausting if you’re not prepared for what’s to come. So let’s talk about just what you can expect.

Step 1: Initial meeting. Design-build projects are led by a contractor, which helps ensure complete project coordination right from the start. This minimizes redundancies, delays, and other things that can be a drain on your budget. The project will kick off with an initial meeting to discuss scope, schedule, priorities, expectations, budget, and other preferences.

Step 2: Pre-construction. This critical step is where the hard work truly begins. It may involve site analysis, feasibility studies, data gathering, assessments, planning, and digging into every little detail of your project, including details on both the business and financial sides. It is during this step that your project vision begins to truly take shape.

Step 3: Design. Once details, goals, and priorities have been identified, the design is created to meet the vision. By undertaking pre-construction prior to design, strategic value engineering can be applied to enhance the project and reduce cost. Plus, there is no need to follow up with a second round of bids for contractors (you already have one leading the project).

Step 4: Construction. Once the design has been finalized, construction begins and follows the schedule and plan set forth during pre-construction. Your project manager will ensure the build stays on schedule and on-budget as the project takes shape.

Step 5: Post-construction. During the post-construction walk-through, any final concerns will be addressed and a punch list created. Once the work receives all approvals and final paperwork is completed, the build is yours to enjoy (of course, your contractor is always available for questions).

Following a design-build approach to construction is often preferred because it streamlines the build process, improves efficiencies, and is better on your budget. If you have questions about design-build construction in South Florida, please give us a call at 786-433-8740.

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