What to Do When You’re Waiting for Structural Review in Municipalities like Coral Gables

The construction industry is laden with bureaucratic processes, and while they can at times feel like a nuisance to project owners, they are essential to the safety of our buildings and our community. Structural reviews, plan reviews and building inspections all serve as checks and balances on the quality and integrity of your build team’s work. It’s important to remember that seemingly small errors or oversights can lead to disastrous results.

While structural reviews are never something that can be skipped over, you can make use of the waiting period leading up to approval by taking care of other essential project tasks. There’s no need for a buildout to be stalled just because you’re stalled out waiting for a municipality review in South Florida.

Making Efficient Use of Your Construction Timeline While Waiting for Structural Review

It can be easy to become grumpy and frustrated by the structural peer review process in a municipality like Coral Gables. That’s wasted energy and effort. Instead, you can be doing other productive activities to further your project and keep your construction timeline on track. Here are some examples:

  • Move forward with your plan review – The State of Florida allows project owners to use third-party providers to conduct plan reviews and inspections. Keep these processes moving while waiting for a structural review and you can shave significant time off your overall project schedule.

  • Schedule inspections – Likewise, get inspections on the books and consider using a private provider to expedite the process.

  • Finalize any material selections – Now is also the time to finalize any pending decisions. If you’re still narrowing down material selections or finishings, make your picks so you can move ahead quickly once everything is approved.

Development projects in municipalities like Coral Gables can be time-consuming, but they don’t have to bring your project to a halt. One of the best ways to keep your buildout on schedule is to partner with an experienced local contractor. Our team at Seacoast Construction has completed hundreds of large-scale development projects up and down the South Florida coast. Our practical approach to construction management enables us to deliver an exceptional product every time. To learn more about how we can help you get your project across the finish line without delays, get in touch today.


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