What to Consider When Re-Designing a Commercial Kitchen

In a commercial kitchen – that’s where the magic happens. It’s not where you want accidents to happen. Unfortunately, poorly designed or ill-equipped kitchens can lead to inefficiencies, accidents or other health and safety hazards.


If you’re building a new restaurant or renovating an existing restaurant space, there are some important principles of kitchen design you should consider before getting started with the buildout.


  • Equipment needs – First, it’s important to understand what essential equipment your kitchen will need – and further, how that equipment will mesh with important life safety requirements. The range and hood can be some of the costliest equipment. It’s also among the most complex to install, and it’s imperative that it’s done correctly. Learn more about the importance of integrating MEP coordination into your commercial kitchen design here.


  • Flow – Kitchens are busy. Front-of-the-house staff are coming in and out. Back-of-the-house staff can be going in multiple directions. If there is not an effective flow to the design, chaos will ensue, plates will break, food will fly. Designing your commercial kitchen in some type of circular flow will minimize any backtracking through the area by staff and keep service flowing smoothly.


  • Simplicity and efficiency – Keeping the space clean and simple aesthetically will also help minimize clutter and chaos. Only get what you need in terms of equipment and accessories. When space is at a premium, you may need to consider countertop equipment rather than a large floor model, for example.


  • Sanitation – A big part of working in kitchens involves keeping them clean and abiding by food safety and sanitation codes. This includes making sure there are adequate hand washing stations, waste disposal areas, and meeting standards for things like grease trap requirements.


When designing a commercial kitchen, it should be built to meet your everyday needs as well as be flexible in case you choose to later move equipment or modify workstations. Partnering with a reputable general contractor who has completed numerous restaurant builds and renovations is key to bringing your plans to life.


For help with your South Florida restaurant buildout, get in touch with our team at Seacoast Construction.


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