Surprisingly Simple Solutions to Rein in Cost Overruns During Your Construction Project

When meeting with clients, nearly 10 out of 10 times one of their biggest priorities in a commercial buildout is managing costs and ensuring the project is completed on time and on budget. From some of the stories we’ve heard, this can seem like an almost herculean task, but at Seacoast Construction, we’ve found it to be quite the opposite. Reining in cost overruns can be surprisingly simple if you follow some basic foundational principles. Here are a couple big ones we stick to when taking on South Florida commercial builds:

Insist on pre-construction

Constructing a commercial property is not something that can be done on the fly. Serious decisions need to be made at the outset with agreed upon consensus by architects, engineers, project managers, project owners, and other critical members of the building team. Delaying decisions or leaving details undefined can end up setting the project’s timeline and budget back significantly, especially if new materials need to be special ordered.

Pre-construction is essential for commercial builds because it sets the project’s roadmap in fine detail from start to finish. It’s also an opportunity to uncover any potential problems with the buildout and reassess plans well before any work gets underway. If managing costs is a priority, then pre-construction is a must.

Hire an experienced construction team

When evaluating potential commercial contractors for your South Florida build, make sure their experience aligns with your project goals and that they have a reputation for successfully (and consistently!) completely on-time, on-budget builds. At Seacoast Construction, our entire team prides itself on communicating, collaborating, and executing exceptional builds.

If you want to feel confident that your commercial buildout will be completed on time and on budget, give us a call at 786-433-8740. At Seacoast Construction, our attention to detail and focused planning during pre-construction help us avoid nearly all potential problems that we could encounter during a build. Most importantly, this includes keeping our timeline and budget in check.

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