Questions to ask an Owner’s Rep Before Hiring One for Your MedSpa Buildout

Of all the players you’ll hire for your medical spa renovation, perhaps none is as important as the owner’s representative. After all, this person will essentially be serving as your eyes and ears on the project. They will be you. You want to ensure they are skilled, competent and trustworthy. Consider asking these questions before hiring an owner’s rep to oversee your MedSpa buildout.

What is your experience?

You’ll want to know about their experience in the construction industry, particularly with projects similar to yours, as there’s a difference between general construction knowledge and specific area expertise. You want an owner’s rep who has managed MedSpa projects and has extensive experience with the construction process, administrative aspects, value engineering and an understanding of current construction and labor market costs.

What services do you offer?

It’s important to clarify the range of services they provide, including things like the number of site visits, how documentation and change orders will be managed, who will be responsible for what, and so on.

How do you manage budgets and control costs?

Discuss their approach to budget management, cost optimization, and strategies they use to prevent budget overruns. Hiring an owner’s rep for your MedSpa is a smart way to save money on your buildout provided they have the professionalism and skills to do so.

How do you communicate project progress?

Ask the owner’s rep how they engage with other project stakeholders as well as the frequency in which they communicate with you. Having an understanding of their general philosophy when it comes to construction and business relationships can be very telling of the kind of experience you’re likely to have when partnering with them.

Can you provide references from previous clients?

Any time you interview a potential construction partner, you should request references to gauge their past clients’ satisfaction levels and the success of their previous projects.

Other questions to ask when interviewing an owner’s representative include topics related to vendor selection, contract negotiation, dispute resolution and project management. You’ll also want to clearly understand their fee structure and payment schedule and be certain they are licensed and insured.

To learn more about our owner’s representation services and ask your questions, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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