Preparing to Build a Bodega in SoFla

Food is what fuels us, and there’s nowhere better to get food (and other convenience items, for that matter) than from a local bodega just down the street. Let’s walk through a few must-haves when building a bodega in Miami.

  • Location – The beauty of bodegas is they fit right into the local landscape. They’re not massive grocery warehouses. They’re just the right size to offer a selection of grocery items, wine, bread, baked goods and other prepared restaurant items.
    You can convert a variety of commercial properties into a bodega, but it’s important that it is zoned properly for the business. As you choose a location, ease of access should be a top consideration.
  • Design – Many bodegas are part-store, part-restaurant. Ensuring good flow throughout the store prevents bottlenecks, spills, and frustration. Smart custom display cases with adequate refrigeration for grocery items simplifies the shopping experience. A separate food service area for dine-in or take-out invites shoppers to sit and stay awhile.
  • Equipment – Bodegas that serve food need a full kitchen to function. That means they must have all the equipment any other restaurant would need, including a grease trap. They also require signage and unique electrical needs.

Bodegas are a staple of South Florida, and our team at Seacoast Construction has worked on several Bodega projects, including for Delicias de Espana. If you have questions about restaurant, bakery, or grocery store construction in Miami, please contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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