Owner’s Representation in Restaurant Construction

Restaurant owners and operators go into the industry because they have a passion for food – and they’re good at what they do. Their skills and expertise allow them to excel as bakers, chefs, and restaurateurs.

But being a successful restaurant owner requires a different skill set than being able to successfully build a restaurant. For that, you need construction expertise, technical know-how, and intimate knowledge of local and industry codes and compliance requirements.

So, how do you marry your restaurant expertise with your desire to build a successful restaurant? Easy. You hire an owner’s representative to oversee your construction project. You get to do what you do best. They do what they do best. Win-win.

Why You Need an Owner’s Representative for Your Restaurant Buildout

An owner’s rep acts on behalf of the project owner to ensure their wishes for the build are carried through. They understand your goals and budget and make sure the vision you have for your restaurant is brought to fruition.

An owner’s representative is a construction expert, but they do not serve as the general contractor on your project. Rather, they oversee it from the owner’s vantage point to mitigate risk, save you money, and ensure no aspect of the project is overlooked.

Two of the biggest reasons to hire an owner’s representative is because an owner’s rep:

  • Saves you time, and
  • Saves you money

In the restaurant industry, failing to comply with code requirements could set you back even further, cost you money, or worse, result in an incomplete project altogether, which is why having an owner’s rep in your corner is all the more important.

To talk to our experienced owner’s representatives at Seacoast Construction, please give us a call at 786-433-8740. We’ve been completing restaurant buildouts in South Florida for more than 20 years and are ready to represent you on yours.

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