New Trends: Building Around the Brightline Stations

The Brightline intercity express train connects Miami to Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach and soon to Orlando International Airport. This Phase 2 development project, which will extend service to Orlando, is estimated to be completed within the next year or two.


In addition to the intercity network, several commuter stations in Miami-Dade and Broward counties are also in the works, including a new intercity station at Aventura (196th street).


The growth of the Brightline system and an increase in travel by both commuters and tourists mean the area in and around Brightline stations will continue to offer diverse development opportunities for investors.


A Closer Look at the MiamiCentral Station


The station at MiamiCentral is located in an 11-acre complex that offers development opportunities for office, hotel, retail and dining experiences. This truly mixed-use space also offers seamless connections to other transit opportunities as well, including rideshares like Uber, which is opening an office there.


As you consider investment opportunities near any of the Brightline station hubs, you’ll want to first conduct a preliminary analysis of the site to ensure the feasibility of your build plans. Our team at Seacoast Construction can help you by conducting a constructability assessment to determine if the property or space will work for your type of project.


Whether you want a peer review of an existing assessment or want to seek a third party’s perspective and expertise, we can help. The geography, climate, and regulations in South Florida present unique construction challenges that differ from those elsewhere in the country. We’ve been tackling commercial construction projects locally for more than 20 years and are ready to help guide you through any hurdles both big and small that you may encounter when developing here. To schedule a free consultation to discuss your project, give us a call at 786-433-8740.



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