Key Things to Know When Building an Assisted Living Facility

Whether for Florida natives or retiree transplants who moved to Florida later in life seeking a better climate, quality assisted living facilities in West Palm Beach and Broward County are in high demand for the country’s aging population. When undertaking new construction on such a facility, certain needs and considerations must be accounted for in order to accommodate its residents and their needs.


When building an assisted living facility in South Florida, key considerations like comfort, space and amenities need to be top of mind. Here is a further look into what you need to know when building a community assisted living facility:


Respect independence

Preconceived notions of senior and assisted living facilities can carry negative associations. Help break down negativity by respecting the residents’ independence through carefully designed and constructed living spaces that emphasize self-sufficiency. For example, constructing larger bathrooms, leveraging noise reduction materials, or opting for windows that are easier to open all allow residents to maintain their independence longer.


Offer amenities

One of the biggest value propositions for assisted living facilities is the numerous amenities they can offer. Consider unique ways these amenities can be incorporated into the construction site. Walking trails, wellness centers, community rooms designed with the purpose of pursuing hobbies can all add to the appeal of an assisted living facility. If the natural surroundings don’t already offer access to retail or cafes, consider adding them to the facility as an alternative.


Seek sustainability

Sustainable housing is becoming a top consideration for seniors entering the assisted living market. Evaluate the environmental impact of the materials you choose and how those choices may impact residents and their perception of your facility.



At the end of the day, building an assisted living facility means you are building someone’s home. It’s important to take the same care and consideration when designing and building a shared living facility as it is when building your own home. If you’re looking for a general contractor in West Palm Beach and Broward County, give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation today.

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