Hurricane Season:The Storm is Not the Problem – It’s After the Storm that Matters Most

In South Florida we’re no strangers to extreme weather, but even as familiar as we are with dangerous weather patterns, it can be easy to misjudge the impact a severe storm can have on our properties and construction sites.


For investors and developers who are not from here, it can be even easier to underestimate the strength and impact Florida storms have and fail to adequately prepare their properties for all aspects of the storm, including after the storm.


Preparing for Hurricane Season – and its Aftermath


The power and strength coastal storms bring to South Florida is a force of nature we must respect. On the job site, we understand the increased safety risks that come during hurricane season and take important precautions to plan for weather events. You can read more about some of the ways we minimize damage and delays on the job site during South Florida’s hurricane season here.


And while the hurricane itself is dangerous and damaging, it’s after the storm that matters most. Water can make its way dozens of miles inland and can quickly damage properties and create residual repairs that are not anticipated.


Understanding your flood zone is important to assess your risk for increased water damage, and if you do experience flooding and water damage to your property, drying out your space as quickly as possible is imperative to minimize short- and long-term damage.


At Seacoast Construction, we plan for water removal on our job sites and work together with those around us to ensure that we empty water through the storm system or by using a tanker to haul it away. We also know that danger doesn’t disappear with the storms, so we pay strict attention to compromised structures, hazardous spills and debris, and any destruction that interferes with the restart of the build.


If you’re building in South Florida, you need a local construction firm who knows its way around a hurricane. Hire Seacoast Construction if you want a reliable, experienced firm known for unparalleled communication and seamless builds. We’re different from the rest, and our clients appreciate it. Contact us today.



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