How to Set Realistic Construction Timelines

No one expects delays when they embark on a construction project. But, unforeseen things happen. Without proper planning and an experienced general contractor to plan for the unexpected, your project can become a nightmare.

To keep your project going smoothly, you should always set realistic construction timelines. Here’s how.

Hire the Right General Contractor

Not all general contractors are created equally. To get your project off the ground, look for a GC with the expertise you most need. Research and interview firms, and hire the one that’s worked on similar projects, that knows your location, and has clients in your industry. Check references and ask past clients about the GC’s organizational skills, project planning, and ability to meet deadlines. The GC is a vital member of the team. Choosing the right one will help everything else fall into place and keep the project on schedule.

Map Out the Project

Once you’ve selected a GC, you can begin the pre-construction process, which sets the tone and schedule for the whole project. Once the project’s scope is defined and the goals are outlined, the GC can map out a full-scale plan for the project. The plan will help the GC understand what subcontractors, materials, and equipment are needed before you break ground.

Determine Needed Resources

Knowing the materials, labor, and other costs will help create a budget for the project. Having a strong, accurate budget in place before the project gets off the ground will help you avoid delays. An understanding of the project goals and requirements and a detailed schedule will outline milestones along the way. This helps the team prioritize the various jobs that make up the project.

Track Progress

Continuously track the progress of the build. Setting clear deliverable dates will ensure that the GC meets each milestone. High quality GCs will always keep you in the loop and communicate any issues that come up along the way. And, most importantly, they will offer quick solutions to any problems that arise.

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