How to Ensure Your Goals Align with Your General Contractor’s

As a commercial real estate investor or developer, you have big goals for your project. And, you want everyone involved to have the same goals and want the same outcomes. Not to mention, timelines.

The trick to keeping everyone on the same page during a commercial construction project is keeping the lines of communication open, setting clear short- and long-term goals, and adjusting targets along the way, as needed.

Pre-Construction Communication

While it seems natural that you and your general contractor will have the same goals in mind, it’s not always the case. Opening up a clear channel of communication before a project kicks off – is the best laid path to a successful project.

During the pre-construction process, project owners, general contractors, managers, and others involved should establish firm short- and long-term goals. Setting clear goals is easy—it’s simply what you want to accomplish on the job. Doing this early on means that there’s no room for misunderstandings down the road.

To ensure that your goals align with the those of your general contractor and others on the team, set important targets, explain them well, and communicate them to the team. Provide progress reports as the project moves forward.

Once you’ve outlined your goals, it’s important that you keep those lines of communication clear that way everyone knows if any one adjustment has altered the course of another. When the project is completed, the project management team should review and analyze the goals and outcomes to see where improvements can be made.

Set Markers – and Adjust

Without clear targets and pathways, it will be difficult to get the desired results. Along with set goals, you need interim deadlines and ways to track labor, materials, and equipment so that you meet your budget.

When everyone involved understands the project’s many moving parts and how their individual roles align within the bigger picture, it’s easier to reach the finish line without additional hiccups.

Having clear targets and a detailed plan will set the project up for success and keep your project on time and on budget.

Check on Progress

The pre-construction phase is the time to establish how progress will be tracked and communicated to the rest of the team. Reviewing progress monthly will make sure that targets are met and that everyone’s goals align.

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