How to Avoid Hiring Inexperienced Vendors During a Labor Shortage

Construction in Miami is moving at warp speed. Labor and materials have not been able to keep up.

While continuous investment and interest in communities throughout South Florida bode well for the economy, such development work shouldn’t risk being thwarted by inexperienced or unskilled vendors trying to capitalize on the increased market demand for workers.

Construction Challenges During a Labor Shortage

We know as well as anyone how challenging it is to secure qualified labor right now. You may have tried calling vendor after vendor only to have your call never picked up. We understand how frustrating this is. Top vendors are booked months to years in advance, and sometimes your project simply cannot wait years to break ground.

Regardless, it’s still important to still be careful and value who you select to do your project. There’s a real issue with people spinning off and claiming to be professionals, despite not even being licensed in their trade. Take the time to do background checks and call references before committing to hire one.

With the current labor shortage, having good connections matters all the more. Our team at Seacoast has spent 20+ years building relationships and rapport with our vendors, and this has proven to be vital. For example, we recently needed to contact our steel vendor for a job. He was booked solid during our given timeframe but was willing to make arrangements with us because we have a trusted and established relationship already built with him.

If you’re looking for an experienced and qualified team for your SoFla project, please contact us at Seacoast Construction to schedule a free consultation.


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