How Building Logistics Can Impact Your Office Buildout

Construction in South Florida is generally vertical in nature. Many offices are located in high-rises in Miami Beach, Brickell, Coral Gables and the Grove (not to mention Doral and other areas as they continue to boom). In these densely populated areas, construction becomes as much about navigating logistics as it does about the build itself.

Read on to learn more about the impact logistics have on office construction projects and discover why you need an experienced and local GC to lead your project.

Navigating the Logistics of High-Rise Construction

If only office construction were as simple as ready, set, go. The reality is there are dozens of factors to consider. Here is just a sampling.

  • Assessing how the construction crew will get in and out – They may have to sign in daily.
  • Understanding any elevator access restrictions – Often high rises will limit access to the elevator and may only give you certain hours to work. Moreover, some elevators may not be tall enough to fit in drywall or glass and the crew will have to carry it up the stairs all the way.
  • Understanding noise restrictions – Again, you may not be able to cause noise at certain times or impede the daily operations of other tenants.
  • Adhering to landlord vendor criteria – Some buildings and landlords blacklist certain vendors, and you simply cannot use them. Others have a select few you are required to use.

For those who don’t work in construction, it’s easy to be unaware of these extenuating circumstances, but all these details need to be addressed during pre-construction planning.

Logistical challenges like these can significantly impact a project. Our team at Seacoast Construction has more than 20 years of experience planning, managing, and building large-scale office projects in Miami and across South Florida and we know what it takes to successfully do the job. For help with yours, get in touch to schedule a free consultation.



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