Brickell, Doral, the Gables and the Grove: What Each Location Brings to the Table When Building Large-Scale Office Space

The entire region of South Florida has a lot to offer corporate headquarter transplants and locals alike. Yet within the region, each location brings specific characteristics to the table that are worth noting, especially when making plans for a large-scale office space. Let’s dive into four popular SoFla locations and discuss the nuances of building in each.

Brickell – This area, the veritable downtown Miami, is right on the water and is on the metro line, which makes it one of the few areas accessible by transit. Here, you’ll find Class A office spaces and upscale hotels and restaurants. The area is walkable, but traffic poses major challenges. People who work in Brickell tend to live in the area as well, so they don’t have to rely on a car to get to or from the office.

Doral – Farther inland, Doral boasts wide open spaces for construction. Along with being relatively easy to navigate with traffic, the pricing for office spaces and land in Doral is lower than other areas. Doral is also where you will find many of the bigger corporations and warehouses.

The Gables – Conveniently located just south of downtown, this area is home to numerous office buildings. Some of these office spaces are older and in need of renovation. On top of a walkable location known for Miracle Mile and Restaurant Row, the area also has a free trolley for locals and tourists.

The Grove – Also south of downtown, the Grove is a posh area right on the bay with opportunity for incredible views. While not easily accessible via the metrorail, it is easier to access with a car for most commuters. The Grove also offers several existing office buildings that would be ripe for upgrades.

In addition to these, South Beach is also a popular location for office construction, though it is across the waterway with only three main entrances to the island which can mean an even lengthier commute for most employees.

If you have questions about any of these areas or the current market conditions for office construction, please contact us at Seacoast Construction to learn more.



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