Guide to Class A Office Construction in Doral

The entire region of South Florida has a lot to offer in terms of large-scale office spaces. While the price points vary depending on the location with places like Brickell and the business district in downtown Miami coming in near the high end of the spectrum, there are lucrative opportunities for Class A construction at more palatable price points too, including places like Doral.

Located a bit farther inland, Doral boasts relatively wide-open spaces for construction. It is still easy to access for commuters and the price point for office space and land for new construction is lower than it is in other areas of South Florida. Doral is also where you will find many of the bigger corporations and warehouses in the greater Miami area.

As you prepare for a Class A office construction project in Doral, take note of these considerations.

  • Zoning regulations – Before beginning any development project, it’s essential to understand zoning and permitting requirements. Work with a local contractor or construction consultant who can advise you on current zoning rules and regulations as well as help you secure appropriate permits.

  • Elevated features and amenities – Class A office buildings are the crème de la crème of professional office spaces. They ooze all things premium and feature top-of-the-lines amenities and services. As you plan for construction, keep things like HVAC upgrades, elevator systems and technology in mind, as well as account for high-end finishes and amenities in your design plans.

  • Partnering with the right professionals – Assembling the right team is key to the success of your office project. Consider partnering with a construction consultant for part or all of your buildout or engage an owner’s representative to oversee your entire office project. Their involvement will mean your construction timeline stays on course and your project comes in on (or even under) budget.

As you prepare for an office construction project in Doral, contact our experienced team at Seacoast Construction for help. We’ve been undertaking commercial office construction projects in the area for 25 years and are ready to help you with yours. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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