Guide to Class A Office Construction in Broward County

In terms of population, next in line after Miami-Dade comes Broward County as the second most populous county in Florida. With Fort Lauderdale at the helm, the county includes 31 municipalities – many with their own requirements for construction projects.

As you prepare for a Class A office construction project in Broward County, take note of these considerations to ensure you comply with state and local laws and regulations.

  • Zoning regulations – Before beginning a development project in Broward County, it’s essential to understand local zoning and permit requirements. The county’s Urban Planning Division oversees the Land Development Code, historic preservation efforts, and all aspects of urban planning and development in the county. Work with a local contractor or construction consultant who can advise you on current zoning rules and regulations as well as help you secure appropriate permits for the city or municipality in which you plan to construct. Many cities in Broward County have their own requirements for permitting and also issue permits to their residents.

  • Elevated features and amenities – Class A office buildings feature top-of-the-lines amenities and services. As you plan for construction, keep things like HVAC upgrades, elevator systems and technology in mind, as well as account for high-end finishes and amenities in your design plans.

  • Partnering with the right professionals – Assembling the right team is key to the success of your office project. Consider partnering with a construction consultant for part or all of your buildout or engage an owner’s representative to oversee your entire office project. Their involvement will mean your construction timeline stays on course and your project comes in on (or even under) budget.

As you prepare for an office construction project in Broward County, contact our experienced team at Seacoast Construction for help. We’ve been undertaking commercial office construction projects in the area for 25 years and are ready to help you with yours. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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