Getting an Accurate Estimate for Your Office Buildout

Knowing the cost for construction prior to beginning a project is an important part of the planning process. With office buildouts, the cost will be highly dependent on the type of project you pursue and the building you choose to lease or purchase.

What to Know About Office Construction Estimates

For office construction, each building in the greater Miami area has its own set of requirements. These requirements will impact how and what you can do in terms of construction, which in turn will affect your budget and potentially your timeline.

Getting an accurate estimate for your office buildout means your GC will need to understand any potential requirement hurdles. Failing to do so could leave you with an unwelcome surprise as your project progresses. Avoid these by making sure your GC asks the right questions.

For example, we had an office project that included multiple buildings. The two buildings had different systems and different set-ups for mechanical, fire, plumbing, and electrical that needed to be accounted for in the budget. Overlooking these differences would have been highly detrimental to the project owner’s plans and budget.

Factors to Consider in Office Estimates

In addition to the hard costs associated with the build itself, project owners should also account for soft costs, including permitting fees and any design plans or other services required for the project. You may also need to hire other vendors depending on your project, such as security.

Office renovations are complex projects that require expert navigation. At Seacoast Construction, we will provide you with an accurate project estimate for your office buildout and answer all your questions along the way. Contact us to learn more and ask your questions.


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