7 Tips for Hiring a Reliable General Contractor

A remodel, renovation, or brand-new home construction is exciting for any homeowner—but, it can also be a major headache if you don’t hire the right general contractor.

Home building projects (especially those in the luxury market with upwards of 5,000 square feet) can be expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. You need someone who’s skilled and, most of all, reliable. Choosing the right GC can make our break your project.

When you’re gearing up to renovate, rebuild or construct a large residential space, use these tips to find a reliable GC:

  1. Know What You Want 

    Before you ever talk to a general contractor, decide what you want. Your estimate and project scope will be more accurate when you can give your GC as many details as possible.

  1. Ask Friends and Family for Referrals

    Ask around to see if anyone you know has gone through a remodel of their own home. Friends, family, and neighbors can give you referrals for reputable contractors.

  1. Choose the Right Contractor for the Project

    When you decide to move your project forward, talk to several contractors and get written bids for the project. Choose someone who has experience working on a project similar to yours. A full renovation of a large residence is, in fact, quite different from simply upgrading a bathroom or kitchen in a smaller home.

  1. Check Up on the Contractor

    General contractors must be licensed, so be sure that your GC has all required licenses and insurance. And, get copies. Check local disciplinary boards and ask for references.

  1. Draw Up a Contract

    Have a contract drawn up that is very specific about the work to be done, deadlines, payment process, subcontractors, and materials. Make sure it has a termination clause and provisions for changes to the scope of work.

  1. Make Sure Permits Are Obtained

  2. Most construction projects require permits. Experienced GCs are knowledgeable about local municipalities’ building permits. A red flag should be if the contractor asks you to the get the permit, or suggests that a permit is not needed.
  1. Communicate Frequently

  2. For complex projects, you’ll probably need to talk to your GC just about every day. Whenever something comes up or you have a question, never hesitate to contact your contractor.

Hiring the right general contractor will ensure that your project is completed successfully, as well as on time and on budget. Let Seacoast Construction be a part of your home renovation. Give us a call at 786-433-8740 to schedule a consultation.

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