7 Qualities Every Great Project Manager Needs

Successful construction projects depend on good project management. Top project managers need to be great leaders, but also possess several other soft skills that make them successful. Most of all, they appreciate the value of a strong team.

Here are seven qualities you should look for in your next project manager:


Communication is the most important quality for any project manager. Project managers must be able to clearly and effectively communicate with all members of their team. This includes providing feedback and constructive criticism and helping the team understand the scope of the project and each person’s role in making it successful.

Good listening skills are an essential component of communication. Project managers must listen to the concerns of workers, owners, and others, and help them find solutions to any problems that come up along the way. When you’re in pre-construction and speaking with potential project managers, pay close attention to how they handle collaboration.


Project managers maintain a clear understanding of the project, its goals, and desired outcome. They effectively communicate that vision to everyone on the team and inspire them to share the vision. This also helps boost morale and motivation.

This, obviously, ties into their communication style. Make sure your next project manager understands what you’re looking for.


So much goes into being a great leader. In addition to being great communicators, they also inspire their team. They keep calm when things get stressful and keep things running smoothly. It’s also important for project managers to maintain a positive attitude and a focus on the project’s scope.

Good project managers also realize the importance of their teams and effectively delegate tasks. They know they can’t possibly oversee every detail, so they allow team members to perform various tasks and make themselves available if issues arise. If they say they can do it all themselves, be wary.


Having great negotiation skills allow project managers to reach effective agreements with contractors and others involved in the project. Project managers are flexible when they need to be and compromise to best carry out the project.


Construction projects can be stressful, and, often, unexpected issues arise. The best project managers can adapt to any unforeseen changes or obstacles, and make adjustments to keep the project running smoothly. They also plan for the potential issues so that projects stay on track and on budget.


Paying close attention to detail and being conscientious are qualities that all project mangers need. This also sets a good example for the entire team, showing them how the commitment to hard work makes a project successful.

Problem Solving Skills

The one quality that is the common theme between all of the above skill sets is honing one’s problem solving skills. In the end, the job of the project manager can be simplified to solving each and every problem as they arise.

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