5 Things to Not Forget When Building Your New Headquarters in SoFla

It’s come one, come all for headquarters relocations to South Florida. And while we’re in a particular boom right now in terms of businesses choosing to relocate to SoFla, this area has always, and will always, be an important business destination and hub.

If your company makes the decision to pick up and move south, here are five important things to keep in mind when building a new headquarters facility in the greater Miami area:

  • Location – As one of the most important aspects of any construction project, choosing your location will not only impact general accessibility and employee commutes, but it will also be influential to the overall workplace ambiance. Perhaps being in the downtown business district of Brickell is important or maybe it makes more sense for your business to be in Doral where you’ll have more space to construct a larger office building or campus. We can help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of various locations in the area.
  • Permitting requirements – South Florida has a complex permitting process and our buildings must meet rigorous safety standards. Those not from the area are often surprised when they hear about the various codes and constraints to our build processes in SoFla. Be sure to partner with an experienced local general contractor to remain in compliance with your buildout.
  • Parking – Depending on your location, the majority of your employees and visitors will travel to your HQ by car. This means you need to account for parking and the parameters of your parking based on where your office or warehouse is located.
  • Office classification – If you’re wanting a Class A office space, there are specific construction considerations you’ll want to account for early in the project. We can help you identify high-end products, amenities and finishes to make your facility exceptional.
  • Climate – Miami is on the front lines of climate change, and our buildings must withstand severe storms, high temperatures and relentless humidity. While our building codes are in place to safeguard against these climate challenges (and more), you’ll still want to consider the quality of products you select to ensure a comfortable office environment every day of the year.

For questions about a headquarters relocation to SoFla and what it takes to construct a new office for your employees, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction.



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