Accounting for Parking in Your New Downtown District Buildout in SoFla

A sometimes overlooked but always essential factor in any office or warehouse buildout is parking. Love it or hate it, cars (and traffic) are interwoven into the daily fabric of Miami.

As you consider a commercial renovation or new buildout in South Florida, parking has to be part of the master plan. Although developing a design plan for the parking lot or ramp itself is essential, there are myriad details that also need to be considered.

Important Parking Considerations for Your Commercial Project

Access and efficiency are core to any parking facility. Here are other things you should be sure to account for when developing parking plans for your construction project.

  • The purpose of your lot or ramp – Because space is a premium, you may need a ramp versus a lot, but in either case it’s important to consider who and how the parking facility will be used as you develop the size, spacing, and flow of your parking. Your lot’s purpose may also influence the thickness of pavement you’ll need.
  • Meeting accessibility requirements – Ensure extra space to comply with accessibility requirements, including handicap parking spaces, ramps and curb structures, dedicated walkways and other safety features.
  • Efficiency and flow – Minimize accidents and streamline traffic flow by clearly directing traffic through your parking facility. Signage, painted asphalt markings and other parking barriers reduce confusion and make the space safer. Be sure to also consider the needs of pedestrians as they walk through the parking lot.
  • Safety and security needs – In addition to signage, create a safe parking lot by ensuring adequate drainage, good lighting design, security cameras, and other safety features.

Parking will add to the budget of any new construction project, but it’s an essential element to the buildout. For help understanding the cost of parking and how to create a safe space for your employees, tenants and customers, give us a call at Seacoast Construction.

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