5 Things That Are Always Overlooked in Office Buildouts

The days of office spaces containing row after row of cubicles are long behind us. Today’s offices are anything but cookie-cutter. They are cutting-edge and collaborative. Current office trends include open designs, flexible workspaces and integrated technology, among other features. To create an office environment that resonates with your employees and meets your workplace needs, you need to be creative and willing to push the bounds. When doing so, be sure you don’t forget these key areas that are often overlooked during an office buildout.

Don’t Overlook These Essential Office Buildout Criteria

  1. Adherence to local building and permit requirements – Depending on where your property is located, you could be subject to nuanced permitting requirements and/or build restrictions. Partner with a local contractor who is proficient in local processes so you don’t miss any crucial paperwork, permitting or construction steps.
  1. Acoustic considerations – Whether your office is in a standalone building or part of a multi-use property, you need to consider acoustics. Installing sound-absorbing materials, carpets and acoustic panels can reduce noise levels. In open-plan offices, managing noise can be particularly challenging as you must balance the need for collaboration with quiet spaces. Your design and construction should take into account how you can mitigate noise disruptions.
  1. Technology integration – Everyone knows technology is the backbone of any office operation, yet it is still overlooked in many office construction projects. Technology needs must be considered before the walls are closed in. Cables, phone lines, data connections, power outlets and charging stations should be plentiful and strategically located throughout the office. Failure to plan for future technology needs can result in costly retrofitting.
  1. Lighting – Emphasize natural light whenever possible. In addition, be sure you have sufficient artificial lighting – and lighting that is adjustable – to accommodate different needs.
  1. Storage solutions – With the rise of open office designs, one area that can get overlooked is ensuring there is still adequate storage. Where will employees store their personal belongings? Do you have space for office supplies? It’s also important to anticipate company growth and plan for scalable storage solutions. Overlooking future storage needs can quickly result in a cluttered and disorganized workspace.

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