5 Reasons to Hire an Owner’s Representative for Your Construction Project

112It’s not an exaggeration to say that construction projects come with an infinite amount of details which can be difficult to juggle, especially if you are managing multiple projects or overseeing it from a distance.

When that’s the case, it can be a good idea to hire an owner’s representative. They can be a lifesaver for a project because they keep the project running smoothly, as well as on time, and within budget.

Owner’s representatives provide regular updates on the job to project owners, while keeping them out of the day-to-day aspects. Representatives have extensive experience in the construction industry and can be an asset to your project, serving as a liaison between the owner and the contractors completing the work.

Whether you’re the owner of a commercial or residential project, there are five reasons to consider hiring an owner’s representative.


  1. They save money.

    Owner’s representatives help manage and respond to estimates, bids, costs, and payment requests from all parties involved with the project. While most representatives do not claim that their services alone save money, their expertise in the industry commonly results in savings to the owner, sometimes because they find more efficient ways of doing something or come up with alternative processes. Representatives are experienced in following industry protocols and reducing financial risk associated with a project. They also track budgets and costs to ensure projects stay in line.


  1. They keep the project on time.

    Owners commonly have full-time responsibilities above and beyond the project, so having someone handle a large construction project can ease some of the burden. Owner’s representatives perform multiple functions that keep projects on time. They develop project schedules and budgets, and monitor the actual work to ensure that it meets the owner’s best interests and expectations. Representatives also resolve any issues that arise to avoid conflicts or delays.


  1. They facilitate better communication.

    Every project includes a multi-faceted team — architects, engineers, contractors, and subcontractors. It can be difficult to manage everyone. Because owner’s representatives are experienced in the industry, they can help educate the owner about the process, prevent miscommunications, and create a collaborative environment to get the project completed. Representatives are also well versed in the numerous architecture and construction industry acronyms and terminology, which can help owners navigate the project’s goals and outcomes.


  1. They foster relationships.

    Owner’s representatives usually have many solid relationships in the industry, which helps identify the best contractors to work on the project. Representatives also know where to turn if an issue arises.


  1. They maintain the quality of work.

    Because owner’s representatives are involved in every stage of the project, they can ensure that the work maintains the highest quality. They are familiar with industry standards and are experts at reviewing the documentation associated with the project. Representatives also help owner’s inspect the job, both while it’s in progress and after completion.

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