3 Commercial Kitchen Hoods We Recommend

Adequate ventilation is an essential component of any commercial kitchen. Without a quality kitchen exhaust hood, you’ll not only be out of compliance with Florida’s health and safety building codes, you’ll also be dealing with unwanted smoke, heat, and odors in your kitchen and restaurant.


Florida Building Code Section 506 requires that commercial kitchen hood ventilation system ducts and exhaust equipment comply with certain requirements for the health and safety of the restaurant, its staff, patrons, and community.


Moreover, it’s not just the equipment itself that must meet rigorous standards, the installation also needs to be done correctly.


The Difference Between Type 1 and Type 2 Hoods


Depending on the type of commercial kitchen you’ll be operating, you may be looking at selecting a Type 1 or a Type 2 hood. Type 1 hoods are designed to be liquid-tight. This means they are capable of handling exhaust from cooking that produces smoke and grease.


A Type 2 hood is designed for kitchens that will only be baking or steaming. They are not to be used with grease-producing appliances.


However, regardless of the type of hood, it also needs to have a fire suppression system and an adequate exhaust rate for its intended use and space.


Quality Kitchen Exhaust Hoods We Recommend


As contractors we work very closely with hood companies when they are onsite in order to align our efforts during installation. We’ve found that working as a team with reputable professional hood companies makes the installation process run smoothly and successfully.


In our experience with restaurant renovations and with commercial hood companies, we’ve come to identify a few that we like to recommend to our clients:


  1. CaptiveAire – We’ve had great success partnering with this company during installation, and they produce a line of quality commercial kitchen products.
  2. Grainger – They offer an extensive line of hoods and products for commercial kitchens of various sizes.
  3. Accurex – Another good business and brand that has been in the industry for a long time.


These are just some of the reputable businesses that offer quality service and products that will be a good choice for your commercial kitchen upgrade. If you have questions about what to consider when selecting an exhaust hood, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction.


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