Your Checklist for Selecting Your Next Commercial Site

Selecting a site for a commercial buildout is about more than just location (although that is definitely a top criterion!). There are numerous other factors to consider, particularly in terms of your business and operational needs. In South Florida, we have so many opportune communities that benefit from ongoing development. To find the community and location that’s right for you, follow along on our site selection checklist.

1) Define your business goals – What is the purpose of the building or facility, and who is the target audience? Will you need room to grow? Consider how your business or facility will operate within a given space and the proximity you want to potential employees, patrons, and/or residents.

2) Create a location wish list – What are your ideal amenities when it comes to location? Consider things like accessibility, potential for growth, the desire for a historic site vs. new build, etc.

3) Prioritize needs – Once you’ve created your wish list, prioritize your needs. Perhaps in creating your wish list, you realized that, although you’d prefer to build from ground-up, it may be cost prohibitive in terms of your goals. Identify areas you may be willing to flex and where you are not and use that as a roadmap when visiting potential sites.

4) Zero in on your budget – This will ultimately dictate where you can and can’t build. Be realistic about your budget and your needs. Your GC will be able to help you understand projected costs in terms design and location, among other project needs.

5) Understand local code and permitting requirements – The type of facility and its location will determine the type of permitting you’ll need. Also important to understand is what updates may be needed in order to bring the facility up to code.

Selecting a site is one of the biggest decisions to make when undertaking commercial build. Consider the items on this checklist as you get started narrowing down potential options, and get in touch with us to learn more about ideal South Florida locations for your next project. With our familiarity of the local communities and markets, we can help you find the perfect site.

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