Why Having a GC With Strong Vendor Relationships is So Important

Regardless of the industry, good relationships are always valuable. In an economy where labor for construction is tight, having the right connections matters all the more.

Here in South Florida, like many places throughout the country, we’ve been experiencing a severe labor shortage – especially a shortage of skilled and qualified labor.

Project owners are struggling to even get vendors to pick up their phones. It’s frustrating for owners and for skilled vendors who want to be able to keep up with demand and help more clients.

An Unexpected Consequence of Skilled Labor Shortages

A secondary challenge with this labor shortage is that it has increased the number of people who are trying to spin off and claim to be professionals, even though they have no experience and may not even be licensed.

Project owners must be very careful with whom they select so they don’t end up with a vendor who simply takes the money and runs. It’s essential to do background checks on anyone you hire.

Partner With the Best

One workaround for securing skilled vendors in this tight labor market is to partner with an experienced general contractor who already has established relationships with some of the most in-demand vendors.

For example, at Seacoast Construction, we have developed a rapport with our vendors throughout the years. Because of these long-standing partnerships, we have been able to secure vendors who are otherwise booked out months to years in advance. These vendors are willing to make arrangements timewise and accept the job solely because of our history and relationship. These connections allow us to partner with trusted and skilled vendors who might otherwise not be available.

As you consider the labor market and your project’s unique needs, be sure to talk through all the ways in which your general contractor can help you bring your project to life, including the specialized vendors they are able to partner with. Call us today at 786-433-8740 to learn more about how we at Seacoast leverage our working relationships to the benefit of our clients.


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