Why Construction Bids Can Vary So Much

You do your due diligence and gather construction bids from several contractors, but now the real dilemma begins. Your bids are all over the board, and so too are the services that are included and excluded from each bid.

How do you decipher and compare what each general contractor is proposing, and how do you know which bid is actually offering you the services you need at a competitive rate?

What to be Wary of When the Bids Vary

In their bids, contractors will outline the scope of work necessary to complete the project, and that scope of work is sure to vary among contractors. Even when your specs are very detailed and the plans concrete, you will find differences in how contractors interpret the needs for those plans.

When you receive a low-ball bid, it very likely doesn’t include all of the costs for the project and you will be sure to run into budget issues and other problems once the project is underway. For example, the project bid may quote the cost of an item but exclude additional fees for things like shipping, tax, or the permitting fees associated with such items. Those add-ons that will be required for the project can quickly add up to tens of thousands of dollars.

If you receive a low-ball bid, something is probably amiss and that’s your cue to ask even more pointed questions. At Seacoast Construction, we will gladly help you interpret competing bids and identify potential questions or issues to follow up on.

Ask for References

One of the best ways to evaluate a contractor’s performance is to talk to the people who’ve worked with the team before. They can share their first-hand experience with the bidding process as well as how accurate the bid was compared to the final project cost. Moreover, they can offer you assurance as you prepare to make your final decision on a GC. Reputable contractors will have a ready list of references for you to contact.

Construction bids are sure to vary, which can be frustrating and confusing, but as you make your decision, it’s important to go with the most realistic bid so you can avoid overruns down the road. You’ll also receive a higher quality of work and professional service from Day 1.

At Seacoast, not only do we pride ourselves on our outstanding work quality, we also provide honest bid prices for exceptional service and on-time project delivery.  Our goal is your satisfaction, not your frustration. Get in touch with us today to discuss your project.



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