Why Building Rules & Regulations are So Important to Consider in Advance of Your Build

Building codes are an important part of any construction project. They’ve been established and continually modified over time as one means of helping to keep the building, its people and the community safe. While not infallible, building codes serve as an important assurance that the building will meet a certain set of standards.

Here in South Florida, each city, municipality and county has its own set of rules and regulations for residential and commercial properties. Navigating these differences can add complexity to an already complex process.

Hiring a local contractor who is familiar with the similarities and differences among communities – and has the local connections to boot – can not only help the construction process move more quickly, but can also help ensure that you’ve undertaken thorough planning in preparation for your build.

Understanding Building Codes (And Why Pre-Construction is So Important)

Building codes are put in place to reduce health and safety risks that could be caused by building hazards. Codes commonly address issues with fire safety, ventilation, plumbing, and electricity as well as the building’s overall structural integrity and materials. Not surprisingly, many of these factors are essential components of a residential or commercial construction project.

Codes are only effective, however, when building owners and contractors comply with them and officials enforce them. If enforcement is too lenient, we can run into major building catastrophes like the Surfside condo collapse.

Additionally, if adequate planning is not done, it becomes much more complicated to correct-course and comply with code once construction is underway.

At Seacoast Construction, we recognize building codes are the minimum safety requirements we must plan for. However, the best options for most projects go well beyond just addressing the “minimum.” Our team of construction professionals guide project owners thoroughly through the planning phase so we can anticipate all potential scenarios (including any anticipated obstacles) and work around them effectively.

Understanding building code requirements to fully comply is an essential part of our pre-construction services. Safety in construction is paramount, and codes are designed to keep the building, community and residents as safe as possible long after construction is completed.

For questions about Florida building code rules and regulations, please get in touch with our team at Seacoast anytime.


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