When in the Design-Build Process Should You Hire an Owner’s Rep?

Owner’s Representatives add value at any phase of construction, but the earlier you engage their services, the better.

The primary role of an Owner’s Rep is to serve as your project’s eyes, ears and mouth and to ensure important decisions are made every step of the way (yes, they pack some brain power punch, too).

As an independent consultant working on your behalf, owner’s representatives are uniquely positioned to offer construction expertise at every stage of the project – from budgeting and planning to overseeing the entire project’s execution.

Why It’s Best to Hire an Owner’s Rep as Soon as Possible

The way an Owner’s Rep engages with a construction project is different than that of a general contractor. Both are important, but an Owner Rep’s purpose is to act as an extension of the project owner. They are responsible for facilitating all aspects of the project on the owner’s behalf, and they are skilled to do so with their background in commercial construction. Strong communication skills and project management expertise are a must.

If we had to break it down to just two reasons why you should hire an Owner’s Rep for your project right away during the design-build process, it’s this:

  • An Owner’s Rep saves you time.
  • An Owner’s Rep saves you money.

The earlier you engage their services, the better your chances of saving more time and more money. But why?

When decisions get made during pre-construction, they have a rippling impact on your entire project’s timeline. Understanding what will and won’t work during design and planning is so essential to avoiding expensive change orders and delays down the road. You (or your architect) might have the best idea in the world, but if it’s not feasible for your build site, it’s wasted time and effort (and time is money in construction). An Owner’s Rep offers invaluable insight to these conversations and can guide the project toward cost-wise selections that still achieve the project owner’s goals.

For more about when and why to engage an Owner’s Rep, be sure to read this blog. Also, get in touch with us at Seacoast Construction. We help owners at various stages of a project’s development, and we partner with them wherever they are at – whether it’s getting a project back on track or assessing a project’s viability when it’s just an idea.

To learn more about what an Owner’s Representative does and what we, at Seacoast Construction, can do for you, give us a call at 786-433-8740.


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