What You Need to Know About Price-Per-Square-Foot Costs for Commercial Projects in Florida

Cost is understandably one of the most important variables in any commercial development project, so it’s essential to have a firm grasp on what goes into the calculation of your specific project’s expenses.


There are numerous factors that influence what pushes these costs up and what may bring them down. Examples include things like:


  • Location – which is perhaps the single biggest driver of cost
  • Building type – are you looking at a warehouse vs. office vs. medical facility? It’s going to be more expensive to build a high-rise than it is to build a parking structure.
  • Broader market conditions – specifically material and labor costs, which ebb and flow based on market volatility, supply chain issues, and overall demand.


One of the best ways to get a handle on what a commercial project will cost you is to talk to a local general contractor. We can’t stress this enough. Considering that location is such a huge driver of cost, you need to hear from a builder who is on the ground in your given project’s locale.


That means if you are relocating your office or are building a new warehouse, you cannot rely on cost-per-square-foot figures from your previous location as an indicator of what it will cost to build in South Florida. It’s simply not an apples-to-apples comparison.


At Seacoast Construction, we partner with real estate developers, investors, business owners, and everyone in between to help them bring their project visions to life. We understand that being transparent and forthcoming with cost is one of the best ways to ensure their project’s success, and we are ready to help you. For an exceptional and honest build experience, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction.

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