What You Need to Know About Interior Build-Outs for Large Scale Office Space in Miami

Demand for Class A office spaces is through the roof. If you want in on a prized piece of real estate in Brickell, Palm Beach, Wynwood or anywhere up or down the coast, you need to be ready to compete and offer a high-end product for your corporate tenants or employees.


Interior office build-outs – those that already have an existing shell – offer great opportunities for owners and relocating companies to customize the space for their needs. While they come with their own set of logistics, with proper planning prior to construction and knowing which questions to ask, your general contractor can easily work around them. Here are some things you need to know as you plan your office renovation.


Logistics to Assess When Planning an Office Build-out

One thing many project owners don’t realize is that each building in Miami comes with its own set of rules and requirements. Until you begin working with a contractor, you may have no reason to know this. Unfortunately, some contractors also don’t know about building requirements. Avoid potential problems by ensuring your builder asks the right questions before beginning the project.

For example, some office buildings require mold or other supplemental insurances, or they may require that contractors have special certifications or licensures for mold (note: not all contractors have this). Others require supplemental auto insurance for using the building’s parking ramp. These requirements can increase the GC’s fees and your overall project costs. And they’re important. If you show up to the project without meeting the requirements, not only can there be changes in fees for the tenant/owner, but the project timeline can also be impacted as the GC is not prepared to start the build.

Additionally, some buildings or municipalities restrict the hours for construction so as to minimize noise and not disrupt other tenants. As of now, work in buildings like 830 Brickell is limited to overnight work to reduce disruptions. Others don’t care, and there is noise all day. Depending on a building’s limitations, this will impact a project’s timeline, budget and more.

Before jumping at an office property in SoFla, come talk to us at Seacoast Construction. We are closely connected to the commercial construction scene in and around Miami and can help you evaluate whether a property will be the right fit for your buildout goals. Get in touch to schedule a free consultation.

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