What to Know Before Starting an Office Buildout

As we adapt spaces to the changing health and safety standards the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown our way, it means we must also make important decisions when it comes to our office buildouts – be that reconfiguring existing layouts, subdividing existing spaces to allow for greater leasing opportunities, or something new entirely.

Before jumping into an office redesign or new construction project, there are some useful steps to walk through before getting to work. During pre-construction, our team at Seacoast Construction reviews these important steps with you, among many other concerns specific to your project:

  • Define your budget – You can’t start a build without a budget – and a clearly defined one at that. If you are leasing the space, understand any limitations that may be imposed on your project and whether or not your landlord will assist with any of the costs.
  • Understand your spatial needs – Who will be using the space and how will it be used? What are your privacy concerns and spatial concerns to ensure distancing while also maximizing the square footage you have within the space? Often corners or small alcoves can be forgotten ways to utilize the entire office layout.
  • Don’t forget the amenities – Whether big or small amenities, it’s the extras that can really attract and retain talent. Will your office space have a fitness center or other attractive features to enhance employees’ time at the workplace? How will those amenities impact your design, build, and budget?
  • Let the light shine in – Understand how the light filters into the building throughout the day and maximize the space near the windows. Those office areas that will be getting the most daily use should be given location priority by the windows.
  • Understand electrical intricacies and your needs – Offices run on wires, and it’s important to plan ahead to truly understand your electrical wiring and cabling needs when doing the buildout. By planning ahead, you can prevent missteps down the road.

Your office redesign should reflect your changing needs and the changing ways of how work gets done during and after the pandemic. We can help you reimagine your existing space or a new leasing opportunity. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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