What to Know about Large Development Buildouts

With any large development project comes a series of buildout challenges, some of which are unique specifically to development projects. If you’re planning a buildout in a mixed-use space or as part of a large development, read on for some important things to know prior to starting the project.

How to Plan for Your Next Buildout

In dense urban areas like Miami, it’s not uncommon for new construction or remodels to bump right up against retail, residential, and other property types in mixed-use buildings. Frequently there are buildout or environmental limitations in place designed to keep the greater development looking and functioning as intended by the developer.

Before jumping into a new project, be sure you’ve partnered with a trusted general contractor so you don’t encounter any overruns and delays due to project limitations or otherwise. Here’s what to know:

Understand all the layers of approvals you’ll need for the project – With large developments, there is generally another layer of approval needed for the buildout. The property manager will need to approve of the plan, and you’ll want to have extra touch points with your building “neighbors” as well.

Partner with an experienced local contractor – General contractors who have experience constructing buildouts as part of large development projects are aware of the additional approvals and steps needed to be taken prior to construction, and they build that into their plan during pre-construction.

Extra work taken early (and revisited often) mean the plan will run smoothly from start-to-finish and there will be fewer, if any, surprises along the way. It also means your bid will be more accurate, and your project will be completed on-time and on-budget.

Your general contractor is your on-the-ground expert and you should expect open and honest communication from them from Day 1 through to completion of the final paperwork.

At Seacoast Construction, we do just that whether it’s part of a large development project or residential property. If you have questions about your next buildout and what to expect, get in touch with us to schedule a consultation.

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