What Features to Look for When Leasing Corporate Offices to Augment Your Custom Design-Build Costs

Custom design-build construction comes at a cost, but as a property investor or developer, making smart choices during construction (even those that come at a premium) generally do pay off down the road.

Exceptional construction and investment in Class A office upgrades can result in increased rental income, longer-term lease agreements and high-quality tenants – all of which can help offset your upfront design-build costs.

As you make plans to lease a corporate office in Miami, consider investing in these in-demand features that will help augment your investment costs.

  • The best in technology – Fast internet is a non-negotiable in the corporate office. Make sure your infrastructure is set up to reliably serve the most robust of technology needs. Consider also any security needs that may tap into your technology.

  • The best in energy efficiency – Making sustainable choices will help lower monthly costs and ensure the ongoing comfort of your tenants and their employees. Solutions like an Environmental Control System (ECS) can help regulate building conditions like temperature and humidity levels. Some systems can also control factors like lighting and internet access. Depending on the system, they can either be highly elaborate or offer more general features.

  • The best in modern aesthetics – Throughout the office space – from conference rooms to C-suite offices and everywhere in between – consider your aesthetic. Make high-quality and tasteful choices that appeal to the type of tenants you’re targeting.

Investing in commercial office spaces will require thoughtful consideration as you plan out the space and its amenities. Our team at Seacoast Construction can help you understand your options and identify features and functionality that are on-point and trending in Miami. For help with your commercial property or to learn more about our design-build process, please get in touch with us today.


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